Are you searching for something different? TTS created an excursion for people that want to discover more from Greece and experience at the same time something extraordinary.
A small glance in our photo gallery will give you an idea about our day trip. The tour starts from your accommodation where our English speaking driver will pick you up with a comfortable luxury sedan / van / mini bus always clean and ready for a road trip.
As we heading to the Peloponnese peninsula through the beautiful coastline of Saronic gulf we will reach our first stop, Corinth canal. Corinth canal is a 2700 years idea that started around 602 b.c and finish in 1893. A remarkable waterway that saves money, time and provides safe passage for all cargo and commercial ships as it connects the Ionian sea with the Aegean sea.
A masterpiece of engineering that makes the Peloponnese peninsula the biggest island in Greece. You will have the opportunity to stand on the bridge that pass over the magnificent canal and take some memorable pictures. After that we will continue our road trip 80 km north-west and to our next stop, Diakopton town.
There we will assistance and give you time to take the rack railway train to Kalavryta town. Odontotos (rack railway train)started 120 years ago to connect the seaside Diakopto town ,climbing 750 meters (from the surface of the sea) through the VOURAIKOS CANYON with the Kalavryta town.
Since then Odontotos and Vouraikos river go together. Magnificent and unique route through picturesque towns, villages, bridges and landscapes. At the end of the route you will be at Kalavryta town.
Famous for the Greek revolution against Turkish in March 1821 .The liberation of Kalavryta came 5 days later against Turkish resistance on 25 March. Also very famous from the world war 2 and the Kalavryta Holocaust after the nazi invasion at December 9 1943 where the Germans forced the people over 12 years old to walk on the hill ‘’kapi’’ and murdered all the entire male population. There you will have the opportunity to take a walk at the beautiful town of Kalavryta with the graphic alleys, the gorgeous landscapes and get a taste of the local products.
Visit the museum, the memorial of Kalavryta Holocaust and rest at the main square of the town where local people, market and traditional stone houses create a unique to memorized scenery. Then we will pick you up to continue the day with our final destination, the crystal waters of the Corinthian gulf and Diakopton municipality.
The choices are endless. Relax and enjoy the rest of the day, take a swim and eat at the local taverns. The day tour to kalavryta-Diakopto is something that you will never forget and an experience of a life time


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Hotel pickup and drop-off
English-speaking driver
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