Athens Traditional Greek Food Tasting Tour


A truly mouthwatering walking experience! Enjoy the most delicious, authentic Greek flavors in a three-hour walking tour that will open your appetite for even more!


Meeting point Syntagma metro station. Start the day sipping a Greek coffee in a traditional Greek coffee shop, and taste fried doughnut balls with honey called “loukoumades”. Get a bite of a filled, crunchy filo layered pie called tyropita in one of the oldest pie baking shops in the center of Athens. Taste koulouri, a specialty pretzel dipped in sesame seeds, from a street stand like most Athenians do every morning. Sample unique local delicacies like sliced meat, different cheeses from several regions of the country, olives and extra virgin olive oil. Walk around the streets of the central market of Athens, smell the spices, taste the fresh fruits and a variety of nuts and enter ”Varvakios agora”,the main meat and fish market. Lastly, finish the tour by tasting the most famous and delicious Greek street food the glorious “Souvlaki”.

Right after the Acropolis tour we will have the opportunity to visit the Acropolis Museum located just a few minutes walk from the Acropolis site. On the ground floor the exhibited artifacts reveal to us facets of the Athenian daily life; we get to know the wedding customs, the children’s favorite toys, the healing techniques, the religious practices. On the first floor, you will experience standing at a breathing distance from the mysterious archaic statues of the 6th century B.C that once adorned the Acropolis. Be fascinated by walking next to the Caryatids and huge pieces of the Acropolis entrance. At the last floor, next to the breathtaking view of the Acropolis, one can admire the original unique in concept and artistic excellence Parthenon frieze.

Meeting Point

The meeting point for the tour is inside Syntagma metro station at 09:30am. Your tour guide will be standing, one level down, by the ticket machines underneath the big hanging clock holding a light blue Athenian tours sign.

Good to know

We are doing our tours only to small groups with a maximum capacity of 10 people
The tours are conducted in English
The walking pace during the tour is moderate with a lot of stops and sitting opportunities
Wear comfortable shoes and hold a bottle of water
We advise you to bring an umbrella on rainy days and wear a hat during summer
There will be plenty of food on the tour, so you only need a light breakfast
Some of the markets and vendors that we visit close after lunchtime, so the walk can only occur in the morning
Please check in about any dietary restrictions before your walk so we can make arrangements with your guide





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